About Code Knights, Inc.

Code Knights is the professional persona of a cadre of web developers based in the Atlanta metro area.

Entrepenuers are heart, they focus on bootstrapping start-ups and helping small to medium companies build tools and products to help them compete against corporate and foreign competitors.

Their members offer a spectrum of service including:

How We Charge

In addition to creative problem solving and development, Code Knights offers creative ways to fund development.

Out-of-pocket costs must always be paid on-terms by the client. Other costs may be paid as hourly, fixed price, a percentage of revenue for a fixed period of time, or a combination.

Code Knights do not exchange equity or ownership as a sole form of payment.

How to Hire

Contact Code Knights to discuss your project and needs.

New projects require a written business plan, though Code Knights offers mentorship to potential clients.

If you have a problem, and no one else can help (and you can find them), maybe you can hire Code Knights.