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Less Technical

Melting Hard Drives to Protect Data
We take data security pretty seriously. Find out How do we make absolutely certain that sensitive data is erased from used hard drives.

Tips for Hiring Software Development
Software development is complex, and hiring developers even more so. Here are some important considerations you might not have considered.

I used over 1000 different email addresses with different companies to track where spam comes from.
It turns out that most companies are honest. Unsubscribing isn't as dangerous as once thought. A lot more companies have had breaches and don't realize it.

More Technical

Self Joins on the Same Table in MySQL
I didn't believe it was possible until someone showed me, but it is possible to do joins on the same table in MySQL. This leads to some pretty handy ways to structure nested data.

Monitoring Email Service Providers
We learned interesting things about email service providers when we closely tested and monitored them for a month.